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     "I have to say that if you have an electrical job that you would like done, Darren will find a way to complete it in a very timely manner. He listens to what you request and does his best to please you, not like the ones that will tell you they will do something for you at first, then turn around and do just what they want to do instead, so as not to inconvenience themselves. We had some electrical upgrades that he completed very efficiently. He cleans up before he leaves and answers any question that you may have so you get a full understanding of how everything works. His prices are reasonable and you pay what he quotes you at first with no surprises. He's also very easy to reach and gets back to you right away."

Jane Huntsman, San Francisco, Ca

    "I have hired quite a few household contractors in my day and this guy is a GREAT FIND! Professional, affordable, smart and a nice guy."

Rob Worley, San Francisco, Ca

     "Darren has been very helpful with our new house. He's very timely and reliable. His work is of excellent quality and his estimates have all been accurate. He's been at our house for three separate jobs, and once for some free advice. He has installed motion-sensing switches, moved some light fixtures around on a wall, and installed an in-wall fan for us. He's great with the electrical issues but also can do drywall / patch work - which is useful when moving fixtures or cutting into the wall to run wires. He also checks and responds to email, which is helpful for busy people like me. And he's a nice guy."

Brad Andrews, San Francisco, Ca

     "We had a complete power outage at our house and had PG&E come by to diagnose the problem and turn it back on. They were able to band-aid the problem and temporarily turn it back on, but said we would have to have an electrician replace our whole panel, which would cost around $1500. We called Darren at the suggestion of a friend and he was at our house in less than one hour, identified our problem, and fixed it. Instead of a $1500 bill, Darren fixed our problem for $125. He was fast, friendly, and affordable."

Angela D, Dublin, Ca

       "I had Darren perform some electrical repair for me at my condo. He also came to inspect a new property I was looking to purchase to give me an idea of what needed to be done there. He was always on time, very knowledgeable, and did a great job at a fair rate. I will definitely use him again."

Colleen Brand, San Francisco, Ca

       "Darren responded quickly to my email request, met me at the work site and finished the project the next day. He was always on-time for the appointments [actually, a few minutes early...], explained the project in detail, kept me informed via cell phone calls. The end result is of very high quality. I will ask Darren again for future projects, and highly recommend him."

Thorsten Melchor, San Francisco, Ca

        "Darren is great. I emailed him to get an appointment and he promptly responded and we set-up an appointment for later that week. He arrived on time and began work. We were having him install a flat screen above our fireplace in our living room. He had to install a plug behind the TV, above the fireplace, but was able to tap into the adjacent wall's electrical as to only make one hole in our walls versus two. He got the work completed in less than 1.5 hours, cleaned up and we had a nicely installed, safe TV. We couldn't have been more thrilled with Darren's service."
Jill Krimmel, San Francisco, Ca

     "Darren's service and the quality of his work were impeccable. He came to the house and gave us a detailed estimate of the work we requested, including the cost of the required permit from the City of Walnut Creek. He was responsive and receptive to our continued questions, before we even decided to have him do the work. Once we committed to Darren, he made himself available to begin the work within about a week. The first thing he did was get the work permit from the city, which was a huge relief to me! I thought I would have to navigate that task myself. On the first day, he removed the old sub panel and replaced it with a shiny new panel that would accommodate the additional circuits. This included cutting a larger hole in the drywall which ended up needing some patching. He was meticulous about repairing it and cleaning up the drywall mess at the end of the day. The next day he installed three new ceiling fans. When we discovered that the fourth fan was not what we wanted, he offered to come back when it arrived - even though we didn't expect it until a week after the other work was completed. Later, when he was working on the new outlets, I mentioned that we had a touch lamp that would not turn on. He took a look and quickly determined that it needed a replacement part. When he arrived the next day, he had the part and promptly replaced it for me. Darren's work style was impressive. He asked a lot of questions about our needs to ensure that we were setting things up in a way that would work well for us. And, he was very deliberate about the order in which he did things so that he wouldn't waste time or have to repeat steps. He was also very careful about safety - especially around my small children who wanted to watch his every move and asked a lot of questions! Throughout the whole process, we changed our minds a few times about where to place circuits and outlets. Darren just went with the flow and altered his course as we asked, all the while being mindful that things would still work within the parameters of the permit he requested. He was also careful to point out some things I needed to do before the inspector arrived and when I was unable to fully complete some of those items, he helped me finish. And, on the day of the inspection, while waiting for the inspector, I asked him about how I could plug in our holiday lights. He showed me how I could do it with an existing outdoor lamp, but then offered that he could install a weather safe outlet on the outside wall. In no time, he installed the outlet, complete with safety cover and indoor switch. One additional thing I really liked about Darren's style was that the payments were scheduled according to completion of tasks and the final payment was not due until the city inspector signed off on the work. I have already recommended Darren to friends, and will surely contact him for our future electrical needs."

Jill & Alan Ridlehoover, Walnut Creek, CA

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